Day-4 Nako to Kaza part 1

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Spending night at Nako was quite an experience.
Dhaba owner and two other men played gamble till late in the night.It was their favorite pass time during winter months.Venue of gamble keep changing,Women serve them wine,chai.This is how they spent the long punishing winter by sitting near bukhari and playing THOLO.
A Young boy from Meerut was also staying at Dhaba.
He sells cloth in different villages.His knowledge about Spiti and its people was quite impressive.He told me many things about Spitian people.Later we both visited the Nako lake togather.
He told me that a a new road is being bulit near Yanhthang village.Once completed,Nako would no more be an important place instead Leo and Yangthag will come into picture.This new road goes to Kaza.
A local from Chango village was also with me.He joined us for our Nako visit and treated us with hot cup of tea in Nako village.Tea was procured from one of his relatives in the village.Sipping tea in the street of Nako was an amazing experience.He told me that many girls from Chango village is married to the boys from Nako.
Time is now around 8 am.
Enough of Nako and I ignited the Bravo.My frozen water bottle was indicating the sub zero temp at night.:shock:
Scooter threw some tantrum.It was its coldest night.Finally scooter came to life after making me breathless.:mad:
Today is day to assault Kaza and see the real Spiti en route.
Adieu Nako.
Just after Nako,devilish Malling raises his head before me.Offered a prayer at the temple built by BRO workers and crossed road under the dreary Malling mound.But it was as pacified and seemed in slumber.
Downhill descent starts and scooter rolled down on its own.
Village Chango(17 kms from Nako) is my next halt to get my scooter registered and some breakfast.
Cops were very amused to see a scooter all the way from Delhi.
Chango is at much lower altitude and yields high quality apples.While chit chatting with dhaba owner at Chango I came to know that rich apples crop has given birth to many millionaires in the village.

Negi Dhaba at Nako Helipad


My night stay in Kitchen


Nako HelipadIMG_9824

Tea at Nako,courtesy a villager


My roommates in KitchenIMG_9840

Frozen Nako Lake

lake pano

Leaving NakoIMG_9849

Leaving Nako for KazaIMG_9853

Lets put the gear and rollIMG_9857

Road to Tabo


Chowmin at ChangoIMG_9861

Self shot near Tabo villageIMG_9862

Grey hill make Spiti a mysterious placeIMG_9864

A small detour to Giu village to have a darshan of famous lama mummy.Road to Giu village diverts after some kilometers from Sumdo check post.It is 8 kms detour with slight steep ascent

Gate to Giu villageIMG_9868

Giu village for Lama Mummy darshanIMG_9870

Hidden Giu village nestled among high snowy hills.Beautiful

giyu pano

Me,in Giu villageIMG_9872

Giu villageIMG_9876

Giu village


Giu villageIMG_9873

Giu villageIMG_9876

Giu villageIMG_9878

This man tried very hard to show me MummyIMG_9880

This girl knocked on many doors to find key of Lama Temple but vainIMG_9882

Going toward TaboIMG_9894

Going towards TaboIMG_9895


Outside Tabo village


Tabo village from distantIMG_9901

Tabo GateIMG_9903

My food at Tabo Dhaba


Tabo MonasteryIMG_9917

Tabo MonasteryIMG_9918

Streets of TaboIMG_9920

Streets of TaboIMG_9921

Coming out of TaboIMG_9905

Me on the move


Vistas en routeIMG_9946

Spitian roads i like mostIMG_9949

Spitian roads i like mostIMG_9950

Kids at Tabo villageIMG_9907

A kid at TaboIMG_9914

My scooter at Tabo DhabaIMG_9922


DAY4 Nako to Kaza part 1

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