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33 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just one word, “WOW”
    Kudos to you and to your spirit of adventure. You did these trips on a scooter. That itself is enough to give me Goosebumps.
    I too dream of doing this one day. God willing I will do it with my son. Take care buddy. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. At least by reading your blogs we can do a virtual tour.


  2. Beautiful writeup with the stunning photos… Really everyone will be jealous on this rides… My small suggestion is you can tell about your scooter.. coz he is taking to u all the way… Thanks ji


  3. Hello sir!! This time in 2016 I met U there in the dc office in leh, where U helped me in getting the permit from chushul to tso moriri!! Thanx a lot for ur help and before this I didn’t know that U were only the trans Himalayan scooterist!! Grt job sir !!


  4. Hello!

    I just went through your blog and it’s just amazing how you manage to navigate the mountain roads on a scooter!
    I work for a travel startup called Naturenama and we are currently in the process of setting up a website that we hope will be the solution to everyone’s wildlife and adventure needs. We’re also collecting content to publish on our blog and we would love to feature your story! Would you be willing to talk to us about your annual adventure to the mountains? Please do let me know.




  5. Sir,
    Your blog is motivational and adventurous. I’m curious to know, Can TVS Jupiter (110cc gear less scooter) make this possible ??


  6. Hello sir,
    Very interesting pics and story it was Ladakh on scooter
    What all problems u faced with the scooter while travelling …. And what will you suggest for fellow riders doing it on scooter and what precautions need to be taken of the scooter while planning and riding


    • Which scooter??
      Keep the luggage minimum,get the scooter well serviced,new tyres.Carry all spares.
      Above all,one must have a strong passion and desire for scootering and travelling on scooter.
      Many people are doing scootering,so can you.Just ,ake up ur mind and go.
      Best of luck.:)


  7. Master ji have been following you since i first saw your post in BCM. You have been a great source of inspiration.
    Any new trip planned?


  8. Dear Narender sir ,
    I never meet you in person but your posts always enthusise me and your experiences are awesome and your every story is fresh and with very good experience. Keep writing and keep travelling sir so that we can have more and more posts and more and more experience.


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