Almost zero experience in long riding.
No riding gear.
An 11 eleven years old scooter fit only to be scrapped.
Out of three tyres,two are near bald.
I had a fall then had a second fall.
Got stalled in the middle of water crossing with shoes submerged in chilly water.
Had a puncture.
Had to drive in night to find a hotel.
And guys it was still winter out there.
Butts kept burning all the time.:grin:
But I finally made it.:)Against all odds,I rode to Dreamland

Spiti valley has always been a fascination since my childhood days when we used to subscribe NAV BHARAT TIMES newspaper at home.The news that tribal region of Lahau-Spiti is cut off from rest of the world due to heavy snow fall(हिमाचल परदेश के जनजातीय इलाको लाहौल और स्पीती का संपर्क भारी बर्फ़बारी के कारण देश के बाकी हिस्स्सो से कट गया है).This news created a long lasting curiosity.This childhood urge to see Spitian life in those hostile winter months was hard to resist and compelled me to ride there in March.

Inspiration Sources-Salil and Dixit’s winter ride to Spiti.A Different Spiti
.That log is instrumental in making me aware that Spiti is reachable in winter.Thanks Salil,thanks Dixit.And the final nail in coffin was this report of three scooters doing Comic village of Spiti.This report is the real inspiration behind my decision to take my scooter to Spiti.Thanks to these three muskeeteers as well. Spiti on Scooter

Moral boosterPragya,my wife.

Friends,presenting before you,the story of my solo scooter ride to winter Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh which I undertook in the last week of March 2011.I started my ride from my home in Delhi and completed this solo ride in 6 days and reached till Rangrik village beyond Kaza.


Spiti Scooter Ride-Foreword

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