Day 1-2 Delhi-Hoshiarpur-Udhampur

Before I begin,let me go back to my June 2013 Scooter ride to Ladakh with my freinds.I covered K-top,Nubra,Pangong,Chushul,Hanle but due to bad weather ,I could not fulfill my dream of riding on elusive Umba La road neither i could cross Agam-Shyok road because of a violent Shyok river in the month of June. For those who are not aware,Umba La starts at Drass and bypasses Kargil and directly take you to Sankoo in Suru valley. Agam-Shyok route is a direct route to Pangong from Nubra bypassing Khardung La,Leh and Chang La.It is shorter too and save one day,save lots of Fuel too. I could not rode on these above elusive and adventerous route in June 2013 and to add to injury a very cold weather and overcast sky dealt a heavy blow to my photography and my camera slept in the bag suffocating itself for most part of the ride. During those frustrating moments I soliloquize,”I dont come to Ladakh everyday.It is a tough terrain,land of gushing rivers,torrents,broken roads,inaccessible high mountain passes,thin oxygen,a food nightmares,its air burns your skin.Even after going through so much extreme elements,I could not fulfill my dream of adventure and photography.If June month is so much volatile,I must come here in September next year,the month which is considered silent and stable weather wise.” In June 2103 ride,I suffered all these painful Ladakhi phenomena and my frustrated soul took an Oath- “””Next time,I will come here only in September””” I honoured my oath and embarked on yet another scooter ride to Ladakh on 31st August 2014 from my home in Dwarka expecting fine weather with clear sky but- Man Proposes and God Disposes. Fate had some other surprises for me.As soon as I crossed Delhi border on NH 1 sky opened up and began showing its ugly face.It was again H2O coming down in abundance.Absence of any rain gear forced me to seek refuge in a roadside Tea shack.Meanwhile,my riding partner friend Jaspreet Kohli FROM Meerut joined me.Few hours in waiting but no sighn of rain to stop.We decided to resume our ride in rain after securing our camera gears wrapped in multiple layers of plastic covers and tarapaulins. We managed to leave behind the wet area and plesantly found Khara-Banur-Ropar highway dry and minus rain.Devoid of any kind of wetness.Took a prolonged break at Shambhu Toll barrier with fresh fruit juice and relaxed for some time.Our first day target was to reach Pathankot but many hours were sacrificed before rain God and we could only managed till Hoshiarpur where our Doc saab Victor were already waiting at his college friend’s home.All of us three united at Hoshiarpur and straightway headed for a non-veg dhaba which can allow us to drink beer. Sada Punjab has no dearth of such places and we found a dhaba and wine shop side by side.Few glasses of beer gulped down and we all switched to travelling mode and forget fatigue of day long ride.Lol…. While we were relishing our Beers and Tikkas in dhaba,Dr Victor phone rang and his friend forced us to stay at his house for the night.We had a very homely sound sleep at his big spacious cozy home.The generous host was Dr Chaitnya and his family. Second Day on 1st Sep 2014.Breakfast of butter toasts and stuffed paranthas at Chaitnya’s home discussion about our future riding plans were discussed.But outside,itis little sombre with mild rain.With a heavy heart,second day ride was also started in rain.For many kilometers,rain caused us a suffocating slow pace and nightmarish Jammu-Srinagar highway doubled the agony.We could only reach till Udhampur and settled in Singh Palace for night stay.800 RS for an AC room.After dumping luggage in the room it was Time for hunt for Beer and but all the shops were closed.Someone suggested us to try a Bar nearby as Bar opened for little late.We reached there at nick of the time.Bartender was closing the Bar but he entertained us and gave us 4 bottles of badly needed Beers which were emptied in our Hotel room gossiping and cursing the rain.Later around 11 pm we had a dinner at small hotel in Udhampur market.Day had been slow and painful but we all managed to have a good time at the end of the day and slept peacefully expecting for a better day tomorrow.
Distance=640 kms approx


 En route Hoshiarpur


Near Pathankot


Chill out in Udhampur Hotel


In Chaitanyya’s Home in Hoshiarpur


Lunch En route Hoshiarpur

Lunch en oute Udhampur

Hoshiarpur Morning


Toll Plaza near Pathankot


Butter Chicken at Hoshiarpur Dhaba


After Dinner at Hoshiapur


Chaitanyya in Red T-shirt


My well planned 2014 Scooter ride was doomed. Man Proposes God Disposes”How true these words are.

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