Day 4 and Concluding day 5​

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Around 2 at noon we finally reached the biggest town of the route Udaipur after 7 hrs of butt burning ride and bearing never ending bumpy road.
Aman was dying to talk to his parents at home and wanted to convey his well being.Udaipur has BSNL network and Airtel,so he was able to talk back at home.
I also talked to Vaibhav(kurtrules),he assured us that bad road ends here and now on there is smooth ride till Rohtang.He was right,we left behind bumpy roads and riding on smooth roads once again barring some rough patches here and there.
Our initial plan was to make Khoksar our night halt suddenly we saw an PWD GH at Sissu and tried our luck and surprisingly allowed to stay in the GH.So instead of staying at Khoksar,we spend our night at Sissu 12 kms before Khoksar.Sissu being a smalltown has no big dhaba and we had search a lot and finally found a shop cum dhaba which was serving only Dal-Chawal.Navratras had already begun,so no meat eating for Aman but i ordered an omlette with Dal-Chawal.End of the day.Tomorrow,we will be crossing over Rohtang Top and reached as near to Delhi as we can.
Early morning,started our ascent towards fearful Rohtang but pleasantly surprised to see a dried up and empty top barring a 50 meters long Slush stretch.It was a cake walk.Rohatang was nowhere near to its monsoon avatar.Once we crossed the Rohatng and reached Manali,moblies came to life and started ringing.We knew that our facing the truth,it is the begining of end of ride and what remains is a plain boring ride back to home.

Rohtang pass

Tindi village enroute Udaipur

Lahaul valley

Rohtang top

Sleeping at Panipat toll plaza


I would like to use this epilogue as a thanksgiving opportunity to Aman,who bear my scooter’s slow speed with a smiling face and co-operated in a very amicable way.
Without him,my Sach ride would have proved more difficult for me.He is perfect riding buddy and i would like go to another ride with him.
From Kalabn till Kilaad,road is nowhere to be seen.It breaks your back.
Bogotu is the only place between Bairagrh and Kilaad where you can have some food.Distance is 80 kms between two places.
Satrundi police register your details in written and videography is also done for verification.There are numerous waterfalls between Sach Pass and Udaipur.
Udaipur has Airtel connectivity.
Bajharoo has a beautiful PWD GH which can be booked from Chamba.Its caretaker was a very courteous gentleman.He didnt charge the morning tea.
This ride has taught me that a compatible riding partner doubles the fun during ride.
I am looking for another tough passage for my future travel plan where i can be one with pre- historic stones,rocks,waterfalls,trees,and most importantly gain an insight into life of my countrymen living in these hidden places.
Thanks for all who read this blog and encouraged us in kind words.

सच का साथ साथ सामना करने में बड़ा मज़ा आया​

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Day 5 Sissu to Delhi

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