DAY4- Killad TO Sissu 28 Sep 2011​

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Previous day was very very tiring but we were very content and elated after scaling Sach Pass and riding on the most difficult road i have ever seen.Riding from Kalaban till Killad was very slow,bumpy and tiring.Our back and Wrist had become very stiff and butts were literally burning.We were very tired so once settled in our bed,sleep took over and snoring was the only sound in that silent PWD Guest House.
We woke up at 6 am tried to start our vehicles.Aman’s Fazer threw some tantrums.Its battery was discharged due to cold,so we had to push start it.It came to life in a single push.
My scooter as usual made me breathless and i could only start it after 10 minutes of kickings.Care take of the GH made tea and we enjoyed our tea at the gate of GH talking to a visiting govt officer who was also staying in the same GH.
Around 7 am,we resumed our ride to face the bumpy roads again,towards Cherry.




Between Killad AND Udaipur,there are numerous water crossings of every type-deep,raging,calm ,ferocious etc.Aman was easily crossing all the streams but with shorter radius of scooter’s tyres,it was a very challenging for me to cross.
Then came a lengthy water crossing with lots of hidden boulders inside water.Aman started to cross it while i was filming him.He had to put his legs in chilly water to maintain the balance.He went thru.
Its my turn now,i took off my shoes an dropped them at the begining end before crossing this streams.I did not want to ride next 100 kms in wet shoes.After getting stuck in the middle and rescued out by laborers,i managed to cross that stream.
I went back to re claim my shoes.How??See below!!!!

Day 4 Killad to Sissu

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