Day 2/3 Pathankot to Banjharoo and Killad 

26-27 Sep Sep​

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This is our second day and we woke UP quite late due to the cosy room at Walia resorts and tiring 15 hrs long ride previous day.
My scooters’s headlight were not working so first thing was to get the light fixed at Pathankot.We found a mechanic shop he somehow managed to fix the light problem of my scooter.One hours was consumed at mechanic shop.Mechenic was generous enough and offred us tea which we readily accepted. We resumed our ride to Chamba and at Banikhet junction took left turn for Chamba.We were looking for PWD office to get our stay permits at PWD GH at Bairagarh.
Mr Rajesh Gulati was in charge of GH stays and he offered us to stay at Bajharoo instead of Bairagarh.After our positive response,he issued us permits, we reached Banjharoo near Tissa.It was a very clean,cosy and spacious GH and well maintained.
At Bajharoo,when we were searching for GH,my scooters again threw some tantrums and stopped in the pitch dark road of Banjharoo.I had to roll down it and somehow reached GH and parked our vehicles.GH at Banjharoo did not have food facility so we had to go to Banjharoo town to have dinner.Both of us looking for Non veg food and had a real difficult time finding dhaba owner who prepared a chicken dishes on our demand.
There were few locals boys also having dinner in the dhaba and we struck a conversation.When i told them we are gong to Sach Pass,one of the boys told the story of two bikers.He was actually referring Yogesh and Varun Sach Pass ride.His name was Jitender.

Day 3 Bajharoo to Killad 27 Sep​

This is the real day.The day,we will be scaling Mighty and fearful Sach Pass.But Scooter is still dead and no sign of any mechanic at Banjharoo.A local person helped us and arranged a mechanic to fix the scooter.He arrived around 9 am and we started our ride very late around 10 am. Reached Bairagarh and found an eatery.There will be no food for next 50 kilometers.Crossed Kalaban,were stopped at Satrundi police check post and also videographed by policemen there.From Satrundi,Sach pass is 11 kilometers,and ascent is very very steep.I had to drive in first gear,full throttle and most of the time half clutch too.Suddenly,fuel ran out and i had to refill from the reserve petrol i was carrying resulting in wastage of 15 minutes.
Meanwhile Aman moved ahead towards SACH PASS.I reached at Pass and was very surprised,no sign of Aman.I walked to Bogotu side of Pass and saw Aman riding down towards Bogotu.I waved my hand but in vain.I was alone at the Pass and took some self shots to document my presence at the mighty SACH PASS.
Very disappointing not to have my riding buddy at my side at the place we had come for.


A dhaba at Baairagarh

Towards Sach Pass before Satrundi


Me at Sach Pass Top

Sach Pass Top

Day 2/3 Pathankot-Banhjharoo-Killad

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