Day3 Banjharoo to Killad contd………….​

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I spent hardly 5 minutes at The Pass.Took some self shots and murmured a silent prayer.No soul was there at the temple.
Now descent towards Bagotu begins and i was relieved that no more steep ascent to torture my scooter.I kept the ignition on but did not engage clutch and slowly drove down towards Bagotu.But road at the other side of Sach Pass are bumpier than Satrundi side.Scooter was making irritating noise all thru bumpy ride.
Reached Bagotu in 40 minutes,there was only one lone dhaba which was only serving Kadhi Chawal and Tea.Kadhi Chawal was the forced choice but it was tasty.Kadhi chawal was followed by two cups of tea.There are few hutments of Police and PWD staff.After Bagotu no eating point till killad which is 35 kms from Bagotu.
After lunch at Bagotu,we moved ahead to face the another truth of Sach pass road.Lots of water torrents.

Bagotu side is more difficult to ride,the road at this side are very narrow,rocky and lot of water streams.Since it was late September,flow of those streams were not as fierce as Prashant/Archit had to face.But still it was very troublesome crossing water streams due to one major handicap of Eterno-small radius of its tyres.
बस किसी तरह गिरते पड़ते जा रहे थे​

Maintaining balance inside the water was near impossible because of trembling handle of the scooter.But difficulty of the Sach Road was the sole reason i came here,so wy complain now!!!!Around 6 in the evening we reached Killad and settled in the PWD GH.Care taker was a soft spoken person and accepted our request to stay there.GH was very cozy and spacious,highly recommended.

Day 2/3 Banjharoo and Killad contd..

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