Delhi-Pathankot 25 Sep​ 2011

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Urge to scale Sach Pass had crept into my mind long time ago.Numerous biking discussions with Vaibhav and clearly suggesting that Sach Pass is a different ball game altogether.Scaling Sach Pass is not a thing you randomly do.
So my preparation for this ride started and initially it was a solo mission but in the course of time Aman Pruthi came into the picture and joined me.
His butt were also itching badly for a long ride.Now we were two.Suddenly my old and trusty Bravo’s electricals failed and i had to beg before my brother to lend me his scooter.So instead of a Bajaj,i rode a honda to Sach Pass.
4 am ,I was waiting for Aman at Rohini outer ring road near his house.After sometime he came and and narrated how his bike was parked on side stand and while loading Saddle bags it toppled down and broke RVM and also caused damage to an adjacent parked car.
After discussing the ride plan we started our ride to face the truth.Destination was Pathankot for the first day.We reached Pathankot in 15 hrs due to my slow speed.Amit Dhull,the dear friend had already arranged a resort for our night stay and also sent his friend Depender to host us.We were overwhelmed by Amit and Depender’s gesture for making us feel special.Depender spent few hours with us and we discussed many things non stop.It was indeed a good day.After wishing us luck,Depender left for his home and we also hit the bed after a very spicy Kadahi Chicken.

4-5 am at Rohini outer Ring road

Here comes Aman,my friend

Resting at a Tea shop

Sunset at Pathankot

Depender,our host at Patahnkot

Our Resort at Pathankot

Our Resort at Pathankot

Day 1 Delhi-Pathankot

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