Day5 -Time to Return back to home


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Previous night was very cold.Me and Jaimaca(hotel owner) had a very long conversation.He had hosted many groups from around the world in his humble hotel.
He also discussed another BCMT member Abhishek (author of Blanket of Snow).
Sleep had taken over my tired body very quickly and easily.
Few hours of sound sleep what i need and ready to face the gruelling run back home for next 48 hours.
No water in hotel.So going to perform early morning rituals with toilet papers was impossible for me.You know we are like this.:grin:
So no early morning rituals in the morning.India is wide open.
How would scooter behave in that sub zero temp?
You are right!!!Tantrums.Tantrums for being abandoned it in the open,freezing cold parking lot.It was little Naaraaz.
I had to persude it with lots of kicks.Scooter took it sweet revenge by making me breathless at 3800 Meters altitude.
Jaimaca was against starting my journey so early.But i assured him that i am fully prepared and I have come here to face the hardships and difficulties.It is an opportunity for me.
Road after Kaza was open so i decided to venture little ahead and reached next village Rangrik.I could have gone further but i came back from Rangrik itself so that i can reach Pio today.

My hotel at Kaza


Morning at KazaIMG_0089

Near Rangrik villageIMG_0091

Near Rangrik VillageIMG_0093

Spiti ValleyIMG_0109

Near Tabo during return journeyIMG_0123

Near KhabIMG_0132

My photo clicked by a local kid en route


Malling self shotIMG_0144

Some points i missed in my earlier posts.This is also the Epilogue.

This trip was very special for me.Leaving behind my kids and Wife is not the thing i evreyday do. I was missing them enormously While riding alone in the deserted Spiti terrain.
But eventually it turned to be very gratifying experience for me.I gained a few new insight into touring/riding/Spiti and my capabilities.It also made enable to fathom my endurance level,which i guess is quite high.
One word that was constantly humimg in my mind was PUNCTURE PUNCTURE PUNCTURE.Thought of getting stranded due to puncture was frightening me.
A very knowledgeable man I met at Tabo is also deserved to be mentioned here.I asked him how Spitian people survived 100 yeras ago.I mean there is hardly any agriculture,region remain snowbound for major part of the year and there is no jungle to procure food.He replied that in the past, Spitian people were primarily dependant on their hunting skill.They were basically food gatherers.Hunting animals was the chief activity of the Spitian people.
He also told me that they are basically Tibetians and have a sense of brotherhood with tibetian.He also mentioned Prof Laxman Thakur and an Australian scholar who has done extensive reserach on Spitian culture and its people.Interacting with him was a quite a learning experience for me.
Kaza is very cold place.
Tabo is a perfect place for who are prone to High altitude.It is in lower altitude and warmer.One feels a bit relaxed in Tabo.So anyone going to Spiti,do make Tabo your halt to help you acclimitize.
Raod to Kaza is maintained by HP PWD.They have erected lots of rain shelters en route.These rain shelters can save you in case of snow fall provided you are well stocked with food and cloths.
I would like to again to see those gray mountains.
Scooter gave me a sense of security because it has a stepney.
Scooter tank lid was hidden beneath the seat,so filling petrol was very truoblesome and time consuming,frustrating too.I had to untie the luggage every time i fill the petrol.It delayed me big time.But by god grace,i fulfilled my winter Spiti ride and witnessed the remoteness of Spiti and gained a new insight.









Thanks all for reading the blog.Cheers.

DAY 5 Kaza-Tapri

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