Day 4 Nako to Kaza Part 3

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I am currently at Lidang village engaged in a conversation with a boy returning after his Ski practice in adjacent snow fields.I shared some ski tips with him and told him about right tecnique to Ski which I learnt during my Ski course at Auli back in 1998.
Kaza was still 10 kms away and time was around 4.30 pm.Ok boy,time to take you leave.Nice to have words with you.
Vistas around Kaza were casting a spell on me infusing a fresh energy.My only concern was the availability of hotel.Cold was very harsh in the evening.As I was riding towrads Kaza,i saw some kids waving at me asking me to come to them.Some kids were playing cricket at the periphery of Kaza.It was snow everywhere,how could they find such a vast open space to play cricked?I manouvered my scooter towards them and surprised to discover that actually it was a helipad turned into cricket ground.It was opposite to new circuit house.Spent some wonderful moments among the kids who all were amazed at sighting of a scooter.A kid also snapped some picture of mine at Helipad.

Spitian Antarctica



Kaza HillsIMG_0039

Very near to Kaza


Kaza in sightIMG_0041

Snowfields of KazaIMG_0043

Helipad turned into playgroundIMG_0048

I landed my scooter on HelipadIMG_0052

Scootering on helipad



Kids at helipad were are jolly type and bomarded me their never ending questions like-
why are you here?
Uncle dont you have bike/car?
Uncle,please take our photo etc.
Spent some moments with them and reached the deserted main street of Kaza.Some shops were open but hotels were closed and no tourist seen.I was perhaps the only outsiders.
Some boys were chatting inside an Alto,I approached them to help me finding a hotel.One of them directed me towards the Potala guest house,the only functional hotel in Kaza.
Cold was unbearable,and i was on the move for 10 hours in an inhospitable terrain.I did not bother to bargain for tarrif and crashed onto the bed.After some time hotel owner arranged a fire in bukhari for me in dining hall and invited me to have a cup of tea with him.
Sitting near bukhari,sipping tea and conversing with the owner was very relaxing.He had many tales to share with me.He told me how a Russian guy tried to cross over to China side near kibber village and rescued by villagers,Lonely planet crew stayed in his hotel to shoot some winter scenes etc.
He also showed me pics of himself and his friends taking bath in Spiti river in December.:shock:
Though his hotel is simple but he was able to keep it running the even in the leanest period of harsh long winter months.A true enterprenuer.

First thing i did after reaching Kaza,petrol filling


Snowed out Kaza,very cold placeIMG_0072

Spiti river in frozen state


HPTDC Hotel KazaIMG_0076

Potala Palace run by Jaimaica


Next Part-Return journey to home

Day 4 Nako to Kaza part 3

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