Day-4 Nako to Kaza contd part 2

I wanna keep day 4 very relaxed for many reason-

To read this travelogue from begining click HERE

Firstly,its is only 110 kms to be covered during the whole day.No need to hurry.Hurry makes worry,true.Secondly,i am among the most desolated part of my ride.Feeling of being alone,insignificant among here was evoking a strange sense of thoughtlessness in me.I was enjoying such state.Thidly,photography bhi toh karni hai bhai logon.Itni door aya kis liye hoon.Sirf scooter chalaane.Each curve on the road was compelling me to apply brakes and bring out the camera.
Then came Sichlling village.Some kids were playing cricket in the middle of the road.As soon as they saw me riding they started shouting “scooter scooter scooter”.
A gentleman waved me to stop and advised me to relax there.He was itching to have a conversation with someone.
We started chatting and he introduced himself as a govt doctor posted in Spiti.He belonged to Punjab.His job was to visit remote villages of Spiti.He shared many interesting experience with like how once he visited Kibber in 6 feet snow,he had to cross a river on a hand pulled trolly to reach Chicham village.
He had been there for 12 years and visited almost all the remotest villages.He advised me not to come here again as there is nothing to realized that Profession kills the passion.Time to say good bye to soft spoken doctor and move ahead.Nice talking it was.

Scenes on the road


Very scenic ride


Kids at Schichling VillageIMG_9954

En route KazaIMG_9956

En route Kaza,photo by a local girlIMG_9957

Frozen Land of SpitiIMG_9958

Frozen Land of SpitiIMG_9959

Snow everywhereIMG_9960

Snow everywhereIMG_9961

Snow everywhere


Spiti RiverIMG_9963

Nearby KazaIMG_9965

Self ShotIMG_9982

Self ShotIMG_9983


As I inches closer to Kaza,dry bare mountains are transfroming into white ones.Each kilometeres clsoer to Kaza is getiing colder and whiter.
Spiti river was looking like a thin black line drawn on a white slate.
A village suddenly appeared.Lidang was the name of it.
I found a photo opportunity here and parked my scooter and search a perfect place to put my camera to shoot myself and landscape(my dslr must be cursing me for abusive treatment).
Who is this smiling boy carrying skies and boots?Ours eyes met,smiles were exchanged and conversation started.
Oh he is from the same village and he is coming back from his ski practice session.Skies belonged to the Youth Club they have formed in the village.Skies were donated by HP govt.

Near Lidang VillageIMG_9988

Lidang Boy IMG_9990

Smiling friendIMG_9991

Smiling SkierIMG_9992

Spitian LandIMG_9993

Lidang ViillageIMG_0002

Raod to KazaIMG_0004

Kaza is about to appearIMG_0015

A curvy bend in the roadIMG_9996

Day 4 Nako-Kaza part 2

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