Day 3-Tapri-Pooh-Khab-Nako

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Woke up early and saw that few people have arrived in Sai guest house later in the night after a slept.Completed my routine morning tasks and came outside carrying all my luggage and tied it on scooter parked on the road.It was still dark and day was just breaking.No one was there.No shop open yet.I was feeling itch for a hot cuppa,actually two cuppas.:P

Luggage was secured tightly on scooter and after that starting of scooter  in cold morning took my breath away.After many attempts,scooter finally came to life and i was able to start my ride towards Powari,towards Pooh,towards Spiti valley….my final destination.

Powari is very small place on NH and a petrol pump is there but today it is put of stock and only option left for me is go to Reckong Peo and fill the tank and also buy spare fuel for 400 kms as petrol pump at Kaza may not have petrol.Peo is approx 13 kms from Tapri and off the main NH.Its steep narrow road between Powari and Peo.I went to Peo and luckily found petrol there but power was out.So i had to wait for sometime and finally refill my scooter and also jerry can for further journey.

Going to reckong Peo for petrol


Near Reckong PeoIMG_9709

Approaching Spillow villageIMG_9724

Terror moments caused by this Puncture near PoohIMG_9730

Had to untie all the luggageIMG_9731

Very time consuming puncture episodeIMG_9732

Melting ice made thses streamsIMG_9735

Puncture fixing at PoohIMG_9741

Vistas en route after PoohIMG_9742

Small tyres of scooter made this stream sucidalIMG_9737

Right goes to Khab,left goes to Nako


Entrance for Khab villageIMG_9748

Khab village gate and scooteristIMG_9750

Going towards Shipki La


Serpentine road towards Shipki LaIMG_9753

Me on the Y fork diversionIMG_9758

Ok guys,time to turn back from Shipki la area and proceed further.
Shipki la area ne toh waat laga di!!!!!:grin:
Right now i am heading towards beautiful village of Nako,it is still Kinnaur district officially.Spiti has not started yet.
I am at Khab,a low point on the route and Nako a high point.It means a steep ascent via looped road called Kizags.Wind are blowing at high speed and shaking my scooter.Careful and firm grip on handle required here.
Scooter is going to be tortured.Scooter’s Piston power will be tested.My habbit of adding extra 2T lubes in petrol worked wonder here.
Though it was a 1st and 2nd gear run but slowly and patiently,scooetr pulled me through showing its prowess.
I am at Nako.Time around 5 pm.
All hotel are closed,deserted streets,chill in the air,eerie silence in the village.My god they are still in winter hibernation.
But we have buzzing place there.
Dhaba of Dharampal Negi at helipad.
Eat,drink,talk,shoot and sleep here.One stop solution for eccentric traveler like me.
Local folk’s adda.They are playing cards,smoking Bidis,lots of tea and strange game of THOLO.LUDO type.
Stakes are 100/rs.

Khab bridge on cinfluence of Satluz and Spiti riverIMG_9760

Highway to NakoIMG_9763

Highway to Nako


Difference between Khab and Nakograph

En route Nako

IMG_9775 copy

En route Nako


Towards NakoIMG_9785

Nako HelipadIMG_9795

My food at Negi Dhaba at NakoIMG_9799

Behind me is Nako in wintersIMG_9801


Day 3-Tapri-Pooh-Khab-Nako

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