Day 15-20 Tangaste-Pangong-Tangaste-Pang-Jispa-Bhuntar-Delhi

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 On 25 th Sep,we had crash landed in a Tangaste guest house after very adventurous Agam-Shyok section.Lady owner of Guest house was courteous and had a very comfortable arrangement.Today on 26th Sep,Pangong was just 40 kms and we were armed with Marsimik La permit.After clearing the bill at Guest House ,it was time for heading towards world famous Pangong Tso lake which starts at Lukung village and ends at Khasket village before entering into Tibet.We Reached Lukung around 11 am and instead of going to Pangong I turned towards left,towards Phobrang village to reach ITBP check post to go to M-La.We went to the post and presented our permit to Jawans posted and they allowed us to go further without our camera.That camera ban was a shocker for me and after requesting them for some time I returned from the post after abandoning my ambitious Marsimik La ride plan.We came back to Pangong lake and found a very bright sunny crisp weather and water of Pangong was shining like a crystal lake and each hue of blue was there.It was an amazing sight to see Pangong in such colourful avatar,first time for me.We spent few hours at Lake.While we were spending time at lake,we bumped into the Gypsy guys again.They had just returned from Marsimik La and after listening our failed Marsimik story they told us that they had carried many cameras hidden inside their Gypsy and had we climbed up towards Marsimik La we would have bumped into each other at M-La.

Anyhow,we chatted for some time and gypsy guys went towards Chushul.Spent few hours at lake,had lunch in one of dhabas there,chatted with others travelers for sometime and around evening we also returned back to Tangaste for night stay in the same guest house where we had stayed yesterday.



















 DAY 7 27th Sep,we started back our journey towards home and our target was reach to Pang today after crossing Chang La and Tanglang La.We check out of the guest huse very early around 5.30 am and begun tying our luggage on bikes.It was almost sub zero temperatuer in the morning and my fingers were very numb and chill was making life painful.The lady owner og our guest house was kind enough to offer us much needed tea and i gulped down 2 cups and that helped me a lt.She didnt accept any money for tea..such a nice gesture from her.We Started our ride from Tangaste around 5.30 in the morning and crossed Chang La after a very painful cold ride.Road was covered with frozen ice at many places and it was very dangerous riding scooter on ice….it was a challenge riding without fall.But i kept a very slw pace and carefully covered many kilometers in poor light but eventually my scooter skidded due to frozen ice on the road.It was inor fall,thanks to slow pace.Absence of sunlight and cold winds made life worse and we somehow crossed Chang La and reached Karu around 10 am and surprisingly found Dr Victor entering Karu market and parking his bike for a tea break.It was a very pleasant surprise for all of us and we reunited after 3 days.Doc was planning for Pangong but he changed his plan and come with us for Pang journey.
We comfortably reached Pang and settled into dhaba tent.Before dinner we buy some Old monk from dhaba lady and enjoyed it with some boiled eggs.It was very cold and night was very uncomfortable.So another ordinary day passed on Manali-Leh highway.

















  Day 8 28th Sep,ride towards Sarchu started and within no time we reached Sarchu.Two more high passes namely Lachunglung La and Nakeela also fall between Pang and Sarchu.We had a tea break and moved forward and reached Jispa around 6-7 PM and stayed in Padma Lodge.Stay in Padma Lodge was super cool,dining hall was playing Kick movie and we enjoyed Kingfisher beer with veg-non veg delicious buffet food.300 hundred for veg buffet,350/400 rs for non veg buffet.









 Day9 29th Sep.Ride towards Manali and reached Manali around noon and spend some time in market and reached Bhunter in late around 9 pm and stayed in hotel.Nothing eventful.

Day 10 30th Sep Last day of ride.Ride on notorious Bilaspur stretch and and finally reached Punjab plains and sped up our speed.On NH 205,we bade goodbye to Doc who went towards Ludihana and Jassi and me continued towards Chandigarh and halted for tea break at Jassi’s Mausiji at Kharar.Ambala came,Karnal came Sonipat came and Jassi and I said good bye to each other at Bhalgarh.Jassi went towards Meerut and I continued on NH1 and reached my home in late night around 2 am.

Thus came to the end of my ambitious September Scooter Ladakh.I realized my dream of unseen Umba La Shyok section and reach Pangong directly from Nubra.Marsimik La still remains elusive for me but this mountain pass is in my striking distance now and i am confidant i will be able to stand at Marsimik la and offer my prayers at the Lord Shiva temple there in my next Ladakh ride.

“”Hope to find new opportunity to wander in coming years and enrich myself,cleans myself for any negativity and keep busy with my family,traveling,photography,writing blogs,sharing with you all.Thanks all for reading this blog.””

“The End”




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