Day7&8 Kargil-Lamayuru-Leh 2-3nd June 2012 230 kms​

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This is the day of riding on Kargil-Leh Highway.Today,I was a bit relieved as I had completed Zanskar ride successfully.
With wilderness of zanskar valley left behind,i was back in the mad mean world of civilization.Leh was just 235 kms away.No worry of snowfalls,wolves,water streams on this road.After leaving my Paradise guest house,it was time to have a round of tea at UP Hotel.Tea recharges my battery.
Left Kargil and drove towards Mulbek and with in no time I was in Mulbek,thanks to good road.Meanwhile spotted a dhaba which was serving thankfully serving Parantha.This dhaba was ,I guess,near Hinsikot.A JK Tourism Bungalow was also in this place bang on the road.You cant miss this.Next time i will try to book this Hinsikot bungalow.

Ride on this Leh-Kargil was uneventful,road had a very thin traffic due to early June.Very few tourist vehicles and once in a while bikers.
Nakeela La pass(12198 feet altitude) came and go,then came the highest point on Srinagar-Leh highway,Fotula(13475 feet altitude).After Photu LA,It is all downhill till Khaltse.Road were of superior quality and riding was thrilling and fast after Khaltse till Lamayury village.When I was near Lamayuru,suddenly scooter stopped and refused to start.I kept rolling down till Lamayuru and stopped near a shop cum dhaba.Open the scooter cover and cleaned the spark plug brought back my scooter to life again.

I found this place a perfect place for having a light lunch and tea to refresh and to relax.Entered in the shop and ordered a bowl of noodles.A french couple was also sitting there.Had a very long chat with them.During conversation,rain started.

Dhaba owner,a lady,advised me to stay in her home stay.I agreed.She whispered me in my ear that please dont disclose the room rent with those french couple as she had charged them more than double.I assured her not to worry.I requested her for a bucket of hot water and after one week,I had a bath.My soul was contended after this hot shower and made me cheerful.Roam around in Lamayuru to kill the time and around 7.30 pm,home stay lady invited us to her kitchen for dinner.Meanwhile a young foreign couple had also checked in the home stay and we had a good round of conversation during dinner and it was nice experience having food in typical Ladakhi Kitchen.After dinner I had a very good sound sleep thanks to hot bath,good food and cozy room just for a 350 rs,all included.
Kargil-Lamayuru distance 120 kms
Lamayuru-Leh distance 110 kms









Today is 3rd June,Sunday and it has been 8 days since I left my home for Ladakh.Currently at Lamayuru.Leh is just stone’s throw distance,100 kms approx.

I have already visited Penji La in Zansakr and on my to Leh,the capital of Ladakh.Road is super smooth with occasional bad patche here and there.
I decided to ride at leisurely pace and soak in the sight of wonderful scenes around me.Kept riding on a very slow pace and reached Nimmu around noon.
It is a very busy place with lots of tourist vehicles parked and hundred of Ladakhi people busy having lunch and purchasing grocery items for daily use.
I spend few hours there sipping tea and waithing for fellow bcmt member DSD.He along with a friend was also touring Ladakh.I waited for him till evening
but he delayed at Kargil and I had to leave Nimmu around 5 pm so that I could reach Leh before dark.Within 2 hrs I reached Leh.It was a Sunday and market at Leh was closed.I was in desparate need of a scooter mechanic but could not find one.Booked a room in Peace Guest House and dumped my luggage in the room and went to market for making calls and some net surfing.Came back to GH around 9.30 pm and after talking to GH owner hit the bed so that I could start my Journey early next day….towrads T-lA…over 17000 feet altitude…..
A scooter….and a mighty mountain pass of 17000 feet cutting through Zanskar Range……….
Would my scooter make it to the tyranical Tanglang La?????















Day 7&8 Kargil-Lamayuru-Leh

2 thoughts on “Day 7&8 Kargil-Lamayuru-Leh

  1. Its such a beautiful experiance you shared.. Photography is almost took me to the place in virtually… Thank you so much for writing all ur experience inthis blog… Keep on travelling… Waiting for the next set of experience… Kudos man…


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