Day 1 Delhi-Pathankot

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Ok,here begins the tale.
On one fine day,I was browsing the itinerary section on and saw a query in which a member asked about the feasibility of going to Ladakh on a scooter.
Within 5 seconds of reading this Ladakh on Scooter query, I had decided to give it a try myself and presented my Scooter ride agenda in the Durbar of Home Ministry for approval.As always,my ever supporting Home Ministry put the approval seal on my agenda and pushed me into the preparation mode.
Aman Pruthi had been insisting on a Ladakh ride since I returned from our 2011 family trip to Ladakh-Zanskar.It was not possible for me to visit Ladakh twice a year.So I politely declined.Since Aman was still Ladakh virgin,I asked him to join me on my scooter ride this year which he instantly agreed.But fate had another plan and Aman backed out just just two days prior to Ride and left me no chance but to go solo.This proved a blessing in disguise ,and being a solo, I interacted with lots of people of Ladakh and Zanskar and increased my insight about these lovely people.Which I guess would not have been possible had i been in a group.Although I missed my riding partner Aman big time.
Time 4 AM,Date 27 May.Kids were blissfully sleeping when I kicked start my scooter and embarked upon a new journey to the most beautiful landscapes Called Ladakh and Zanskar.
I wanted to reach Pathankot on the first day and crossing Ambala-Khrar-Ropar-Nava Shahar-Hoshiyarpur-Pathankot.Scooter being a slow vehicle,took endless time and I was able to reach Pathankot only after 14 hrs continuous ride,around 8 PM.One more thing,my scooter’s engine oil was leaking due to loose gasket.Reason for this loose gasket as cited by mechanic at Ropar,was that My Delhi Mechanic had not remove the old gasket and placed new one over it rendering it prone to leakage.He diligently removed all the residual sticky gasket and put a brand new gasket and also applied a special M Seal solution to plug the leak.Got my scooter repaired at Ropar.That repair job was almost one hour long affair.So effectively,Delhi-Pathankot ride was 13 hours long.Night had fallen when I reached Pathankot and search for a Hotel was on in the busy and congested Pahankot market.Spotted the hotel “Terrace” and asked for room tariff.1000 per night.It exploded like a bomb.Paying for a few hours sleep for a single person was very painful.I told them that I am touring on a limited budget and cant afford 1000 rs night stay.Staff at Terrace was very helpful and courteous and manager of the hotel arranged a bed for me in the common hall of the hotel for just 200 rs.He and other staff of hotel even shared meal with me and we kept talking late in
night.Upon hearing that I am a govt teacher,he also told me how once he used to be an FCI Employee and how his former colleague conspired against him and tempered with the Wheat Bags of store and got him suspended.He is fighting reinstatement battle in the court.Such a nice fellow.He also asked me for some guidance about some professional courses for his younger brother.Thus came to an end of first day of my touring.

Memory Cards for my DSLR


New Tyres being Installed


Pollution Check


Some Hardware,I carried


Departure at 4 am from My Home at Dwarka


Scooter fixing at Ropar


Scooter fixing at Ropar


Day 1 Delhi-Pathankot

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